Windows Hosting Features

Please see the list below for a complete list of all Windows hosting features that are available with all Windows hosting plans. These are features that you will not find with other hosting providers' business email or enterprise email solutions. Please review the Windows Hosting Features and SmarterMail Hosting Features listed below.

List of Windows Hosting features

  • Hosting on SSD Drive Yes
  • Control Panel Plesk Obsidian 18.x
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate Yes
  • Microsoft IIS 10 Web Server Yes
  • ASP.NET Core Yes
  • MS SQL 2016 Database Standard Yes
  • Remote SQL Server Management Yes
  • MyLittleAdmin for MS SQL db Management
  • POP3 / SMTP / IMAP / SSL TLS Support with Password Encription for Incoming and Outgoing Emails Supported
  • ASP.NET 2 Framework Support / ASP.NET Framework 3.5 Support / ASP.NET Framework 4.7 Support Supported
  • Webmail Access - SmarterMail Fully Responsive accessible through any Mobile or Computer Tablet, Laptop and Desktop Supported
  • ASP.NET AJAX Supported
  • Email Autoresponders Supported
  • Junk Email Filters Supported
  • Anti Spam Control Fully Configurable
  • Website Statistics Stats Software Enabled Already
  • Subdomains Yes
  • Parked Domains Supported
  • Classic ASP Supported
  • Cloudflare Settings Configurable
  • HTML rich emails composition that support Images and Videos Yes
  • Email synchronization with mobile and desktop email clients Support
  • Audio and video chat Support Yes it's Supported Upto 8 Users
  • Link files features to link files from cloud storage - SmarterMail’s File Storage, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Supported
  • Robust Content Filtering rules can be created Supported
  • Domain or user can be assigned as Trusted and also you may Blocked Senders too Supported
  • Create and use multiple signatures Supported
  • Grid view or card view for Contacts and Address Books Supported
  • Import and Export to/from VCard or CSV file Supported
  • Global Address List (ability to allow users to opt out) Supported
  • Ability to share primary and secondary contact folders with domain users Supported
  • XMPP support for syncing to desktop and mobile clients (Adium, Digsby, IM+, etc.) Supported
  • Download chat history features for keeping chat records offline Supported
  • Ability to set video quality Yes it's Supported
  • Ability to see previous workspaces -- live chat, shared files, etc. Supported
  • Can eliminate the need for third-party conferencing products/services like GoToMeeting or Zoom Supported
  • Grid view or card view for Task Supported
  • Set reminders for Task due dates/times Supported
  • Create a Task from email Supported
  • Color coding to help with organization for Notes Supported
  • Import Notes in CSV format Supported
  • Notes now Support images and Videos Supported
  • SmarterMail Webmail is fully Compatible with any modern browser Supported
  • Follow-up flagging Supported
  • Automatic save as draft Yes, it's there already
  • User-level auto-clean Supported
  • Import and export contacts List Supported
  • Share links to files versus adding attachments - eliminates sending/file size limits Supported
  • View User Activity such as active/inactive users, duration, IP used to log in to webmail, protocol usage, etc. Supported
  • System-wide folder auto-clean to enforce user quotas Supported
  • Configurable and manageable Indexing Supported
  • Ability to set domain/user status: enabled/disabled, ability to still accept mail when disabled, etc. Supported
  • Indexing and Migration status You may see in the process
  • Support for Cyren Premium Antispam add-on Supported
  • Incoming and outbound spam checking Supported
  • Outgoing spammer detection and limiting Supported
  • SPF record checking Supported
  • DKIM support Supported
  • DMARC support Supported
  • RBL/URIBL listing detection Supported
  • Trusted senders Supported
  • Incoming and outgoing TLS Supported
  • Incoming and outgoing SSL Supported
  • 2-Step Authentication, including support for email recovery or authentication clients (e.g. Microsoft or Google Authenticator) Supported
  • Optional alternate SMTP port Supported
  • Brute force detection for Webmail Supported
  • Malicious script filtering in webmail Supported
  • Built-in mailbox migration for email, calendars, contacts and tasks from a variety of mail providers including Exchange, Office365 and many more   Supported
  • Mail server converters for a variety of competitive products: Ipswitch iMail, Icewarp, MailEnable, and Mailmax Supported

SmarterMail transfer email and collaboration items from:

Open-Xchange MailEnable Yahoo! Mail Gmail Ipswitch IMail Server CommuniGate Pro IceWarp Microsoft Exchange Server MDaemon Email Server Zimbra Collaboration Suite KerioConnect Roundcube Horde SmarterMail Business Email

Windows Hosting Plans

Offers ultra-fast reliable windows web hosting plans to our clients. Please check the following windows web hosting plans pricing with 30 days money-back guarantee.
1 GB Windows Hosting
₹50.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 1
  • Email Accounts 10
  • Disk Space in GB 1
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 1
  • Website Backup & Restore Free
2 GB Windows Hosting
₹100.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 2
  • Email Accounts 20
  • Disk Space in GB 2
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 2
  • Website Backup & Restore Free
3 GB Windows Hosting
₹150.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 3
  • Email Accounts 30
  • Disk Space in GB 3
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 3
  • Website Backup & Restore Free
4 GB Windows Hosting
₹200.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 4
  • Email Accounts 40
  • Disk Space in GB 4
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 4
  • Website Backup & Restore Free
5 GB Windows Hosting
₹250.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 5
  • Email Accounts 50
  • Disk Space in GB 5
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 5
  • Website Backup & Restore Free
6 GB Windows Hosting
₹300.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 6
  • Email Accounts 60
  • Disk Space in GB 6
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 6
  • Website Backup & Restore Free
7 GB Windows Hosting
₹350.00per month
8 GB Windows Hosting
₹400.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 8
  • Email Accounts 80
  • Disk Space in GB 8
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 8
  • MS SQL 2016 Databases 1
  • Website Backup & Restore Free
9 GB Windows Hosting
₹450.00per month
  • Websites Hosting Allowed 9
  • Email Accounts 90
  • Disk Space in GB 9
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases 9
  • MS SQL 2016 Databases 1
  • Website Backup & Restore Free

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